The intelligent blender with a refined design.

Attivo is a high-performance blender, characterised by its compact dimensions, an elegant and essential design, and a soft and organic form. Des igned to accompany an “on the go”  jar, it is also perfect for taking away drinks made at home.


Attivo is the perfect object for every worktop, easy to store and use thanks to its design. Equipped with an 800 Watt motor and 24,500 spins per minute, Attivo uses 3 p reinstalled programmes th at guarantee full blending of all types of ingredients. The integrated IPMS system (Intelligent Power Management System) is capable of recognising the content and automatically regulating the speed of the motor based on the hardness of the ingredients to be blended, to give a higher performance and quality of drink.


CLIENT_ Bianco di Puro


PRODUCT_ Power blender

YEAR_ 2016





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