Narai is an Italian dialect word meaning you tell. 

We believe in stories as the center of our creative process 


The story between the company and the designer 


The story between the company and the customer 


The story between the customer and the product 


People tell and define their relationship with the   world through the products they choose.

Design support them in this choice giving a voice to products and brands


We imagine stories inspiring emotions and creating relations through design. 

Values Proposition

We support our clients in strategic and creative direction,since the concept till the productionbetween physical and digital world, designing products, experiences and brands

Our Competences

Strategy Design

Define actions to get
business targets. 


Product Design

Products starting from user journey. 


Product Development

Since the concept till get into the market. 


Brand Experience

Experience to involve people. 


Graphic Design

Amazing graphics to support strategic activities. 

Creative Direction

Recognizable style for our clients. 



We work with client in 3 continents on 5


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